My name is Richard G Hancock an International Relations major from University of Colorado at Denver.  I also have an advanced oral proficiency level in the Arabic language.  I have three main interests Music, Arabic, and a love for the outdoors.  I play Flamenco guitar, Jazz guitar, and Bass guitar and love for playing improvised music.  I also am in the process of currently creating two music festivals which will take place at Shadow’s Ranch in Georgetown Colorado next summer — The 2014 Intergalactic Space Festival and The Good Family Festival.

This blog is a vehicle for me to express my interests and connect with other curious individuals.  I will make posts specifically referring to Middle Eastern politics, the Arabic language, cultural immersion, Space Rock, psychedelic research, and many more.  I am a person who has many diverse interests.  I am using this blog as a place for me to collect all of my ideas and interests.  This is my first time creating a blog completely by myself and I am interested in beginning involvement with this cyber culture.

I have some recent experiences that I am particularly eager to share with as many people as possible.  My study abroad trip to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.  For six months I participated in the CET Jordan: Arabic Language and Cultural Intensive Program in Irbid, Jordan.  Irbid is an extremely conservative Muslim city of around 1,000,000 people.  There are 600,000 Syrian refugees because Irbid is less than 15 miles away from the Syrian border.  19 students and I were the only Americans in the entire city.  Sometimes you could see smoke or fire rising from Syrian towns.  I also took a language pledge where I was not allowed to speak the English language during the entire program.  All of these factors and many more which I will touch upon in my posts made this an incredibly unique experience.

I also would like to share that I am 100% open to criticism, I realize that we all make mistakes and can be ignorant about certain issues.  Please feel free to offer an input and corrections, I am eager to learn from others.  I will also be writing my posts in Arabic in order to open my audience to non-English speaking people.

  اسمي ريتش هانكوك و بدرس علاقات دولية و اللغة العربية بجامعة كالورادو. حصلت  مستوى لما كملت الامتحان شفوي بنهاية البرنامج “سي ي تي” بالاردن.  عندي ثلاثة المصالح الرئيسية مثلاً   الموسيقية و اللغة العربية   بالاضافة الى حبي لي طبيعة. بعزف الغيتار و الباس بالااضافة الر العود بس بعزف العود شوي.  عم بنتج مهرجنات موسيقيين يلي راح بيحدثوا الصيف الجاي ب ولايات كالورادو.

 راح  بكتب هن عن معبر نفسي و أي شيء آخر بطن هيك مهم بحياتي بالاضافة الى كل العالم. هاد مرة الاولى   بنتج البلوغ  و الثقافة الانترنتة كمان.  و بدي اشارك معكم عن تجربتي حينما درست بالجامعة  اليرموك ب اربد, الاردن. سكنت بمدينة اربد اكثر من خمسة شهور. بعد شوي حققت الاختلاف بين البيئة الاردنية و البيئة الامريكية عشان لازم بخبركم عن صدمتي ثقافة لما سكنت بالاردن.

بالاضافة الى لازم  بتخبرواني لما انا  خاطئ لاني بدي اتعالم منكم شكرا كتير و حالكم


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